• Vedanta classes are being conducted for Sannyasins and Brahmacharis and seekers.
  • Special instruction in Vedanta and meditation is given to spiritual aspirants coming from abroad.
  • Annakshetra (dining hall) commenced functioning in the last quarter of 1992. A sum of Rs. 12Lakhs has been collected under Annakshetra Corpus. The interest on the Corpus is utilized for food and maintenance expenses.
  • A library has been organized with about 2000 books in various languages on Vedanta, Yoga, religion in general and mysticism.
  • Every year, Swami Nityananda Giri visits Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and UK to conduct/participate in seminars and conferences and to give discourses on Yoga and Vedanta.


A Charitable Trust
  • To provide residential accommodation for Sannyasins, Brahmacharis and spiritual seekers.
  • To organize an Annakshetra with adequate corpus fund and to make arrangements for feeding Sannyasins, Sadhus, Brahmacharis and spiritual seekers.
  • To promote intensive study of Vedanta and research in comparative religion.
  • To give training in Yoga and meditation and provide facilities such as prayer and meditation halls.
  • To setup a library.
  • To bring out publications in Sanskrit, English and Tamil on the teachings of Gnanananda and on Vedanta.
  • To bring out audiocassettes of devotional music and of the speeches of Sadguru Gnanananda, Videocassettes etc.
  • To organize study circles, discourses, seminars, conferences, congregation of scholars, retreats etc.

The trust was constituted with a property of 1.3 acres of land on the southern side of Tirukoyilur-Tiruvannamalai Highway, close to the Ashram temple and Shrine of Grace at the Samadhi of Sadguru Gnanananda. 0.70 acres of adjoining land has also been purchased.