Sadguru Gnanananda
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The Institution - Sri Gnanananda Niketan

With the objective of preserving the monastic tradition of the ashram in view, a Charitable Trust, "Sri Gnanananda Niketan" was constituted on 24th April 1986, Chitra Poornima day, with ParamaPujya Swami Vidyananda Giri as Chairman and Swami Nityananda Giri as Managing Trustee.

Swami Vidyananda Giri was the direct and the senior most monastic disciple of Sadguru Gnanananda. A special recipient of the grace of Jagadguru Sri Chandra-Sekharendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, he was fully blessed by Sadguru Gnanananda and nominated by Him as the first teacher of Vedanta in the ashram.

Swami Nityananda Giri is well versed in Vedanta, having received the direct guidance from Sadguru Gnanananda and studied under Swami Vidyananda Giri. He had the privilege to compile the teachings of the great sage under his personal direction. He is keenly interested in mysticism and is well known in inter-religious dialogue. He has travelled widely lecturing on Vedanta and yoga.

The centre would be a Sadhana Kendra with the traditional method of teaching Adhyatma Vidya and imparting training in meditation. It would thus fulfil the basic purpose for which Sadguru Gnanananda founded the ashram.

The facilities offered by the Kendra would attract Sannyasins and keen aspirants for initiation into Sannyas to Sadguru's Shrine of Grace. It would thus help preserve the monastic tradition of the ashram.

Sadguru Gnanananda was keen that the monastic lineage or parampara should continue and the monks of the ashram pursuing Vedantic Sadhana and meditation should continue to be given all facilities in the same manner as was provided by Him. He told Swami Abhishiktananda:

"Come back and be near me. We shall talk again. Above all you will have time for silent meditation. No one will disturb you. You will not have to worry about food or anything like that. Apart from our conversations, you will remain in silence"

This is indeed the call of Sri Gnanananda to his monastic disciples and spiritual aspirants to Tapovanam for all time. It will be through this new Centre it would be heard by them.