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Sri Swami Triveni Giri was known as Sundaram Iyer prior to his initiation to Sannyasa. He was born to a pious Brahmin couple Sri Sankaranarayana Iyer and Smt. Parvati Ammal at Sri Vaikuntam. In 1933, he came to Sri Ramana asram and with the permission of Bhagawan he was engaged in Self Enquiry. He was known as Sundara Arya, and also as Sadhu Swamigal.

Sundara Arya, often had an inner urge to pursue Gayatri Upasana. He mentioned it to Sri Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi and sought His permission to go to Sri Sadguru Gnanananda Giri Swamigal. Obtaining his gracious and ready approval, he became a resident in the asram at Siddalingamadam in 1935.

During his stay for six months he was guided by Sadguru Gnanananda to ignore all experiences and visions. As directed, he proceeded to Chidambaram, being assured that Sadguru’s Grace would ever be with him. He was inspired to take up upasana of Sri Raja Rajeswari. Subsequently he was initiated to Sri Vidya and was performing Sri Chakra pooja.

Sadguru Gnanananda often advised him to go beyond all upasanas and exclusively devote himself to Vedanta Sravana after taking traditional sannayasa renouncing all his ritualistic duties. It was on Mahashivaratri day,in 1965, he was initiated in a traditional manner into Sannyasa and given Maha vaakya upadesa. Diksha nama of Sri Triveni Giri was conferred on him.

After spending some time at Banaras, he was staying mostly at Sri Vaishnovi shrine at Tirumullaivayil, near Chennai. After the Mahasamadhi of Sadguru Gnanananda, he came to Thapovanam and stayed there permanently. He attained Mahasamadhi in the early morning of Mahashivaratri day in 1985.