"1 offer my salutations to that Guru, who is verily the Existence Absolute and the Bliss of Brahman, the bestower of Supreme Joy, the Embodiment of Knowledge, transcending the pairs of opposites, (All pervading, Infinite, Changeless and Untainted) like the sky, attainable through the scriptural declarations such as 'Thou art That'. One and Eternal, pure and Motionless, the witness of all mental functions, beyond comprehension and devoid of the three Gunas"

Our scriptures proclaim that Guru is Sakshat Sacchidananda Para Brahman itself. He is the way, the Truth and the Life. No disciple can, therefore, truly venture to write about Him until he has become one with the Master, the Absolute. This attempt on my part is hence the contemplation of his auspicious qualities. I pray that Guru Maharaj may be pleased to bless it by inspiring the thoughts and expression.

Like the Vedas, the direct word of God lends itself to different interpretations, our Sadguru being a Great Master presents many facets and thus goads men with different predispositions and belonging to various spiritual levels to duties suited totheir predilections and qualifications and sets them on the Godward path. The scope of this article will however be limited to a few aspects of the guidance given by Him to His monastic disciples and advanced aspirants.

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